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There have been so many new changes happening in the #ARVRinEDU world. From Merge Cube Madness to 360 cameras to upcoming conferences, the ARVRinEDU community is on fire! Below are a few things to check out. My new book on immersive technology is scheduled to release on April 10th. Pre-order your copy of Learning Transported now and read the first review of the book here! The Merge Cube Madness has broadened the awareness of augmented reality for educators, but you may not know of some incredible apps that target specific standards in your classroom. Did you know the Cube is more than just fun and games? Here are a some of my favs and if you are looking for the best Merge Cube deals, type in

Merge Cube Printable

Ready to test the Merge Cube apps, but don't have the cube yet? Download this free Merge Paper Cube by Merge VR.

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