AR/VR Bootcamp

An exciting new event is coming this January. In partnership with JourneyEd, I'm offering our first augmented and virtual reality bootcamp. The two day training will include extensive training on practical immersive technology tools connected to classroom curriculum. The bootcamp event will be located at Mansfield ISD (Dallas area) and space will be limited, so REGISTER early. #bootcamp #MergeVR #AR #VR #Events #JourneyEd

Get Started with Augmented + Virtual Reality

Getting started with augmented and virtual reality may seem overwhelming, but with the right approach, successful implementation is achievable—and can actually be a lot of fun to learn. As we head back to school, a solid plan will help turn frustrating experiences into mind-blowing creative lessons. But first, an introduction to the world of AR/VR, which can sometimes get confusing. Nearpod Exploring Ecosystems VR lesson What’s the Difference? It’s important to understand the difference between augmented and virtual reality. A lack of knowledge on the topic and limited awareness of content is typically the main barrier that educators face when presented with the opportunity to use immersive

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