Create Augmented Reality + Examples

I’ve shared many augmented and virtual reality resources in the past years, and my emphasis has always been placed on student creation opportunities. As more companies are adapting their product to allow for more interactions and creation tools, the adaption of immersive technology in the classroom increases. One of my favorite creation tools is 3DBear because of the flexibility of the app. Using a tablet or phone, students can build 3D objects around the classroom in real time. If the students are logged into the class, they can share their creation with the teacher. When the creation is complete, students can take a photo of their project and share it with the teacher. The projects show up


June is a busy month with the end of the school year activities, summer vacations, and EdTech conferences. I have a few conferences I plan to attend in June, and one special event that I look forward to all year long! I'm excited to share augmented and virtual reality events at ISTE this month. If you haven't heard of ISTE, it's an international conference held each year in various locations around the country. The conference this year is located in Philadelphia and pulls in thousands of incredible educators. In addition, ISTE is my publisher for Learning Transported. Each day of ISTE will be filled with active learning on the topic of immersive technology. I've listed my ISTE activities bel

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