Google Expeditions VR + AR

As many of you know, I rarely share Google Expeditions because so many educators already share out these resources. Some recent updates have brought back my excitement for the tool, and I'm happy to share this out with the ARVRinEDU community! CHROMEBOOKS The more I share immersive technology around the country, I find more and more schools are purchasing Chromebooks in their device refresh. The technology department loves the cost and setup with Chromebooks, but I'm sad to share that almost all of the AR and VR apps only work on mobile devices and tablets. On the rare occasion that I find apps that work on Chromebooks, I'm excited to shout it from the rooftops. Google has announced this su

VR Review: Oculus Quest — Apps and All

There’s been quite a bit of anticipation leading up to the release of the Oculus Quest—the latest virtual reality headset from the Facebook-owned Oculus. Thankfully, the Quest is finally available for purchase after a long wait! Many early adopters like myself made a jump to the Oculus Go in the past year with enthusiasm, believing the stand-alone device could provide a deeper virtual reality experience—no wires connected to a computer, and no cameras to set up in the room—just hop on and get started. When the Oculus Go was first released, the educational apps were limited. I didn’t see a need to promote the device for classrooms from the beginning, but we’ve seen many more educational apps

Google Maps AR

There are times I run across augmented and virtual reality apps that seem to contradict the reason why I share ARVRinEDU. I seem to find more and more of these impractical or unnecessary apps that use AR/VR for fun but have no place in improving our lives or our classrooms. However, when I find impressive ARVRinEDU resources, I immediately share out them out with ideas to include in your lesson plans. I'm excited to share a new release that I believe will improve our daily lives. Google has recently released some impressive, practical augmented reality. The release of browser-based augmented reality in the Google search was brilliant. While there are currently only a few animals to view, the

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