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Day 13: Merge Object Viewer Update

Not only did the Object Viewer app get a bit of a facelift with the user interface design, but the app no longer requires a Merge Cube.

Day 12: Google Earth Projects + Games

Since the announcement of Google Tour Creator ending this June, I've enjoyed exploring a great alternative that offers interactive features.

Day 11: JigSpace

JigSpace delivers an immersive “un-slideshow” of content. The experiences are delivered in 3D presentations that transition “slides”

Day 10: FrameVR

Now that access to VR meeting spaces is widely available through the browser, most people can join using computers and mobile devices.

Day 9: myWebAR

"MyWebAR doesn't require an app to populate the experience; rather it uses the browser (WebXR) on the device to create the AR."

Day 8: Innovation Meets Safety

Reevaluating my own methods made me seek out ways to protect our students and teachers when pursuing innovative resources for the classroom.

Day 7: LiDAR Sense

The LiDAR technology provides details for a blind person of objects approaching that would otherwise be unavailable.

Day 6: Spoke by Mozilla

One of my favorite VR creation tools is Spoke by Mozilla. Using the Spoke integration, creating a personalized VR space is unlimited.

Day 5: Engage VR

Fast forward 4 years ahead and Engage released the new mobile application.

Day 4: DoodleLens

DoodleLens brings AR creativity to a new level. Copy and paste images into your space, design scenes, and build animations.

Day 2: MootUp by LearnBrite

The beauty of virtual reality meeting spaces like MootUp is the flexibility to interact and engage with students.

Day 1: Halo AR

One of the most requested resources is a tool to replace Aurasma/HP Reveal. The new Halo AR app by LightUp brings the same features + more!

#ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar

Enjoy this ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar and get inspired to learn a new immersive tool each day leading up to Christmas!

Create AR Using These 5 Apps

I often receive requests for alternative augmented reality applications to replace HP Reveal, and thankfully, we now have plenty of options.

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