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AR / VR Collection

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I remember this time of year as my “survival season.” Most standardized tests are completed, end-of-the-year activities have begun and the excitement for a much-needed summer break is approaching. I also remember feeling sentimental because I was going to say goodbye to my students as they transitioned to the high school campus. The end of the year is full of raw emotion for teachers and students, but keeping them engaged in learning is vital for a successful end to another school year.

I believe Teacher Appreciation Week is at the perfect season to recognize our educators. I particularly loved the big and small gestures of gratitude. From emails to treats to coffee to massages (yes, that was a great year), these thankful acts lifted my spirits and made me feel appreciated and valued. Those brief moments kept me focused on my important role to support each of my students as we finished out the final weeks.

In this busy season, you may not have time to research creative lessons to engage your students, so I’ve compiled a collection of AR/VR resources found in the free Verizon Innovative Learning HQ portal. This Wakelet collection includes apps, lesson plans, micro-credentials, and webinars to bring immersive technology into your classroom. Enjoy your last weeks with your students and bring in a spark of excitement with augmented and virtual reality.


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