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AR/VR Holiday Educational Gift Giveaway

Have you ever peeked at one of your presents growing up? As a child, we’re dreaming and thinking about what we may get for Christmas. I remember always having my stomach in knots each year mainly because of the anticipation of the gifts, but also because it was one of the only times in the year when my whole family would get together. Looking back, it’s the memories I shared with my family that I can still remember, and the presents are more a blur, with the exception of one important year. It was the year that I ruined my Christmas and learned a valuable lesson.

I was about 12 years old when I decided to take a peek at one of my presents. My parents were always late to buy, wrap, and put out presents every year, so we didn’t really have a chance to sneak into our gifts early. My oldest brother is 7 years older than me, and that year he was early to place the first gift under the tree. I was shocked when I realized that the gift was for me because he didn’t pay me much attention at that time. He spent most of his time with girls and work and he definitely favored my two other brothers more than me. I thought he must really love me the most! It was at that moment that I decided I must open this gift. I carefully peeled away the tape and found the coolest cable knit striped v neck sweater ever (it was pretty awesome in the early ’90s).

Christmas day rolls around and the presents start filling up under the tree from all the extended family, except one present that was now missing. My present was gone, and I didn’t know how to ask without admitting that I looked at the gift. Finally, after everyone opened the gifts, I asked my brother what happened to my gift. He looked at me with confusion and said, “what present.” I blurted out, “my sweater” before realizing it and his eyes got huge and he started laughing hysterically. Soon, my whole family joined in the laughter because they realized what I had not. You see, my oldest brother had a girlfriend named Jaime that year.

I learned my lesson and I never wanted to peek at another present from that day forward. Just like many of you, I grew up and became the gift giver. There’s nothing like giving a great gift and seeing someone light up with joy. More so now, this year is especially difficult with the pandemic, making budgets tighter and family get-togethers smaller. A parent's great worry for children this year is having academic gaps from the learning disruption they’ve faced. Being intentional about our gifts is important, and I hope to give you some ideas that will support our children's learning growth while they have a wonderful time “playing” with the content.

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to put out a holiday wish list of augmented and virtual reality gifts. It seems that the holidays always sneak up on us and before I know it, the holidays are already over. I’m thankful to get out a list of educational gifts that will spark a love of learning using augmented or virtual reality. These gifts are perfect for children or teacher gifts!

BONUS! I will give away at least 1 of these items for the next 7 days. View the date of the giveaway for each tech gift to participate! In a social post, share one way the gift can support our learners. Tag me @jaimedonally, the company, and include the hashtag #ARVRinEDU to win.


@AugmentifyIt (Tuesday giveaway)

These exciting cards come to life with augmented reality! Each card displays information to test your knowledge and expertise on space content. Scan the cards to see them appear above the cards in beautiful animation.

AugmentifyIt® presents it's multi-award winning, debut product: SPACE Augmented Reality (AR) Quiz Game. A series of Augmentified or AR-powered cards designed to bring STEAM learning to life.

Promotion: 20% off product: SPACE and OCEAN and ELEMENTS card decks during the week of Thanksgiving.

Curiscope Multiverse Posters

@Curiscope (Wednesday giveaway)

The Curiscope team has released a new product this year to explore the solar system using posters. The Multiverse posters capture the wonder of the universe. Each poster tells an incredible story while magnifying each planet.

It's a poster...but it's more than that. Bring the wonders of the universe into your homes and classrooms with the Curiscope Multiverse Poster Series.

Promotion: 20% off the Multiverse posters during the Christmas period.


@disrupted_x (Thursday giveaway)

The Bee Safe book comes to life using the disruptED augmented and virtual reality mobile app. This story is designed to help children learn about staying safe during COVID-19. Kids can use the AR book to interact with lessons on each page, building foundational literacy skills. The kits include a BEE Safe mask, immersive book, activity book, and stickers.

Educators and parents will be able to use the book along with an Activity Book that includes science, safety, and social/emotional materials that can be used outside the digital experience.

Promotion: 30% sitewide discount on all purchases during Thanksgiving week.

MEL Kids Science @mel_science (Friday giveaway)

The MEL Kids kits are one of the most interactive, fun maker experiences. The kit includes a building set, the background story in a graphic novel to explain the problem and find the solution, and the augmented reality app. The dynamic of reading, hearing, seeing, making, and exploring produces powerful learning opportunities.

This is a new way for families to spend time together while children broaden their scientific horizons.

Promotion: Get up to 3 months free with prepaid plans with MEL Chemistry or use promo code ARINEDU for a 25% discount on the first month of MEL Kids subscription.


@mergeedu (Saturday giveaway)

As usual, Merge is always sharing amazing content in the 3D Merge Cube. The content is full of rich, interactive experiences for children to explore in the palm of their hand. From the Explorer app with curriculum and assessments to the Object Viewer app to explore thousands of 3D assets or upload your own, the Merge platform will surely impress any child (or adult).

One Merge Cube provides the equivalent of $10,000 worth of teaching aids for students to learn effectively, anytime and anywhere.

Promotion: 25% off coupons during Thanksgiving week and Cyber Monday (excludes purple headset).

Mind Labs

@ExploreMindlabs (Sunday giveaway)

If you haven’t seen the magic of Mind Labs, then you’re going to love this product! The app uses interactive cards to bring a gamified, augmented reality experience on the topics of energy and circuits. Using the Mind Labs deck of cards, children will discover the power of augmented reality by connecting batteries, light bulbs, fans, and more.

Combines the fun of tabletop games with the excitement of Augmented Reality! Designed for self-directed learning, in homes and schools.

Promotion: 20% off plus free shipping


@PlayShifu (Monday giveaway)

The PlayShifu products have had a major upgrade with new augmented reality games and activities for our learners. What began as an AR capable globe has turned into three different globes exploring geography, dinosaurs, and unpacking the many secrets of Mars. In addition to the globes, the company has developed collaborative games using augmented reality to engage in math, language, creative design, problem solving, comprehension, storytelling, and more. PlayShifu has made learning fun and your children won’t want to stop learning/playing.

Hands-on play with captivating stories, fun characters, and unlimited learning for ages 4 to 10.

Promotion: 25% off (minimum order of $125)


By participating in the giveaway, you're likely to win! The giveaway will run for 7 days and you can win these items. Write a social post sharing one way the gift can support our learners. Tag me @jaimedonally, the company, and include the hashtag #ARVRinEDU to win.


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