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Day 16 - Math World VR

Math World VR, developed by Skill Prepare, offers an engaging way to improve mental math skills through fun mini-games such as basketball, axe throwing, and plate punching. The mini-games are designed to help improve players’ quick math arithmetic, all while having fun. Currently, the game features eight mini-games, with four more released in the near future.

Players are challenged to show fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts while also showing mastery in recognizing odd/even numbers to score points. One of the games that stand out is combining groups of numbers to find the given sum. The game is an excellent tool for students to establish solid foundational math skills, leading to success in more advanced concepts. The carnival-themed setting adds a dynamic and exciting element to the learning experience.

Skill Prepare mission is to inspire education through immersive and engaging experiences. The company believes that hands-on experience is crucial for effective learning, surpassing the traditional textbook. Their team, based in Atlanta, GA, comprises a diverse group of talented individuals with expertise in software, business, design, film, and art.

Skill Prepare is committed to developing high-quality educational games that players enjoy while learning. They plan to launch a new title that combines puzzle-solving with a Rube Goldberg inspiration in VR at the end of April or early May. Additionally, they are working on a title series set to release in early summer 2023.


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