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Day 28: ClassXR

A few years ago, I shared a video of an AR portal app that has continued to wow teachers and students in the possibilities of walking into a new (virtual) place. The futuristic experience of augmented reality portals has made us all feel like we’re part of a Star Trek episode. Ready to learn more about AR portals? Then BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!

The augmented reality portal is a window, door, or a sling ring (Dr. Strange reference). The portals use a combination of augmented and virtual reality because you will see the portal appear in your world using AR. Then when you walk into the portal, you’re experiencing virtual reality. Here’s a video showing an example of walking into a portal.

While many educators can see ways to bring AR Portals into the classroom, the application was always difficult to implement. Uploading 360 images onto every device and creating the portals for every student was unreasonable and time-consuming. The concept of AR Portals is unlimited, but the process was impractical...until NOW!

The RemixVR team has created a way to make AR Portal lesson plans. The website allows teachers to upload 360 images, 360 video, banners, and 3D content into a lesson, and share the code with students. You can compare the process similar to Nearpod, but instead of slides, you’re sharing portals.

Students can open the ClassXR app on an iPad (for now) and explore all the experiences you have loaded with a simple code. Another option is viewing the lesson on the web. The teacher can create the content for an AR portal experience or a web experience for VR tours to align with the devices available.

Join my ARVRinEDU portal and see what it’s like exploring an immersive lesson by following these steps.

  1. Download the ClassXR app

  2. Type in code b20d0f

  3. Select the graphic in the bottom, left corner to begin

  4. Walk into the portal and look around

  5. Select the next experiences by swiping the icons at the bottom of the screen

This blog is part of the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event. Expect a new augmented or virtual reality resource for the classroom to post every day in March. All subscribers will receive daily notifications.


Don’t forget to share your experience using the AR portal. If you’re interested in creating your own, the best way to get started with ClassXR is by scheduling a demo.


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