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Day 28: WWF Forest

A few years ago, the WWF Free Rivers app was released to explore flowing rivers and how to show the effects on wildlife and people. The latest WWF app was released a few months ago with a focus on forests. The goal is to educate the user on how a healthy forest benefits people and wildlife. You may be surprised to learn that this app was created by Assemblr.

In a guided tour, discover the healthy forest as it appears around you. Turn your classroom (or home) into a thriving forest to explore. The animals jump around the room and rain is often heard trickling or pouring down. In the journey, you’ll learn what it takes to preserve a vibrant forest while uncovering how these forests are threatened. Finish the journey by building your own beautiful forest.

"Apple's AR updates should have a minimum of an A12 chip to function best with current and upcoming features." page 44 of The Immersive Classroom

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Download the WWF Forests app

  2. Begin the journey of "The Thriving Forest"

  3. Capture each "fact" in the AR experience to uncover the importance of a thriving forest

  4. At the conclusion of the journey, open "Your Own Forest" to place the elements of a forest all around your room.

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