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Day 5: Dr. Seuss's ABC

Talk about brand new, the Dr. Seuss’s ABC app (iOS & Android) was released yesterday! This magical learning experience connects what we all know about Dr. Seuss’s books and places the creative stories in our world using augmented reality. Each virtual page describes the letter with the characters from the book. The best part of the app is finding the interactions to explore. Each letter has a different visual, character, and interaction.

The app is the first augmented reality app to bring a Dr. Seuss book to life. The virtual book included in the purchase of the app ($3.99) makes the physical book not required to own to explore the AR. Each page allows students to practice writing the letters correctly before exploring the characters above the virtual book.

The main menu allows the students to: begin with the story, explore each letter, or jump into the sandbox. The story brings the reader through the book, page by page, starting at the letter A. The second option (A to Z) allows the reader to jump into any letter in any particular order. The sandbox option enables the reader to place the various characters all around the space in augmented reality. Our students are going to love playing with these beloved characters in their classroom, at their homes, or anywhere they want to bring them.

My favorite feature in this app is the change from standard font to a dyslexia font to support the diversity of our students. I can certainly appreciate this feature as a mother of a child that has dyslexia!

Take a journey through the alphabet using the creative approach we all know and love by Dr. Seuss.

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