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Day 17 - Virtual Speech + ChatGPT

Virtual Speech has integrated ChatGPT! Students can practice public speaking skills more naturally by conversing with the chatbot.

Day 16 - Math World VR

Developed by Skill Prepare, Math World VR offers fun mini-games like basketball & axe throwing that help improve mental math skills.

Day 15 - ARpedia

ARpedia brings excitement to reading literacy using augmented reality.

Day 14 - EON XR

The latest EON XR update has moved beyond just AR to VR experiences to enlarge, annotate, capture, quiz, separate & interact with 3D content

Day 13 - Halo AR UPDATE

Create your own augmented reality experiences and share them in specific locations using the FREE Halo AR app!

Day 12 - Futuclass

Futuclass offers challenging puzzles and practical lessons to help students grasp complex topics!

Day 10 - Human Anatomy Atlas 2023

Bring a human cadaver into your classroom using #AR and explore organs and systems of the body with detailed 3D models.

Day 9 - Graphing Calculator AR

Discover a new way to visualize 3D graphs! Get more hands-on with math by solving equations using augmented reality.

Day 8 - Prisms Math

Prisms Math is an immersive VR app that covers topics from middle school fractions and ratios to algebra I and geometry.

Day 7 - Adobe Aero Update

Build amazing #AR scenes with the Aero app, & choose from various 3D content & animation options. Share your 3D scenes as a link or QR code.

Day 6 - Spatial Updates

Spatial added some amazing features to their virtual meeting spaces, making it easier to find 3D assets, build 3D spaces, & invite students.

Day 5 - GeoGeek AR

Use #AR to test your geography knowledge using GeoGeek AR!

Day 4 - UV Light Sanitizers

For those of us who want to keep our VR headsets clean while on a budget, here's some affordable solutions.

Day 3 - Insight Kidney

The Insight Kidney app uses #AR to help students better understand these conditions, such as chronic kidney diseases.

Day 2 - Noun Town VR

Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese while having immersive fun!

Day 1: Luma AI

Check out Luma AI's advanced photorealism technology for capturing high-quality 3D objects with your mobile device!

STEAMverse Day 24 - DrawmaticAR

DrawmaticAR is an innovative tool that turns writing into augmented reality using AI. Create ARt with your words!

STEAMverse Day 23 - 3D Avatars

Utilize a combination of three distinct tools (Ready Player Me, DeepMotion, MyWebAR) to generate an animated 3D avatar using #AI.

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