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Day 29 - Xplore

With Xplore, take your students on a journey through time and space, and bring historical sites and events to life with #AR.

Day 28 - Enhance VR

Enhance VR provides daily cognitive workouts through enjoyable and challenging games to improve your brain functions.

Day 27 - Scavengar EDU

The #AR scavenger hunt app, Scavengar, has a 3D upload feature to personalize the learning experience. Get up and create!

Day 26 - MyWebAR Update

Create immersive experiences with ease by importing 360 photos through the Extension Store.

Day 24 - AR Chemistry Lab

Experiment with chemicals and perform reactions in an AR environment. No need to worry about cleaning up or inhaling dangerous gases!

Day 22 - Insight Lung

ANIMA RES has done it again with another fabulous AR app - Insight Lung! The app is designed to help people with lung diseases track symptom

Day 21 - CoasterMania

Create your own rollercoaster and become the #VR rider. Test the physics to make a great ride and switch to passthrough mode.

Day 20 - Reality Construction Kit

Calling all #makers! Apple's Reality Construction Kit app brings virtual objects into your real world using LiDAR technology and #AR.

Day 19 - CoSpaces Mobile 3D Upload

Exciting news! CoSpaces Edu introduced a new feature that allows iPad users to upload 3D models straight from their mobile devices.

Day 17 - Virtual Speech + ChatGPT

Virtual Speech has integrated ChatGPT! Students can practice public speaking skills more naturally by conversing with the chatbot.

Day 16 - Math World VR

Developed by Skill Prepare, Math World VR offers fun mini-games like basketball & axe throwing that help improve mental math skills.

Day 15 - ARpedia

ARpedia brings excitement to reading literacy using augmented reality.

Day 14 - EON XR

The latest EON XR update has moved beyond just AR to VR experiences to enlarge, annotate, capture, quiz, separate & interact with 3D content

Day 13 - Halo AR UPDATE

Create your own augmented reality experiences and share them in specific locations using the FREE Halo AR app!

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