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31 Days of ARVRinEDU Recap

When I started the month, I had no idea how much our country and the world was going to change as COVID-19 continues to grow. Many times, I wondered about the importance of immersive technology when we were all facing a global pandemic. It was in those moments that I received encouraging DM's, calls, voxes, or texts to thank me for sharing the resources.

I'm excited to see that many of the resources, ideas, and recommendations for virtual collaboration and connections are now recognized as fundamental for the future. Busy work doesn't cut it! We need to deepen the learning, offer meeting spaces that connect our students during this terribly isolated time and provide the same excitement for learning that was already part of the classroom. The #31DaysofARVRinEDU isn't an add on, but the future of how we transform our classrooms.

Some of the messages I received from the ARVRinEDU community throughout the month shared that they've enjoyed the emails, but felt overwhelmed with all the new demands of changing roles and online learning adjustments. I never intended to make all the tools shared in the month fit every educator or student, but my hope was that one of these tools could support you in your journey, especially at a time like this.

Learning a new tool every day is tough and unrealistic, but starting with one is a great plan. I've compiled all the resources from the month (with links) to inspire you to take the leap into ARVRinEDU. Of course, don't hesitate to reach out or share all the amazing work you're doing with immersive technology.


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