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Day 22: Adobe Aero

A few months ago, Adobe released a killer app called Adobe Aero. The Adobe team has finally embarked on creating augmented reality experiences sharable to anyone with the app. For now, the first release of the Adobe Aero app is limited to reasonably new iOS devices.

Creating the augmented reality content is available in the Adobe Aero app. There are many animations possible, including uploading 2D and 3D assets to the creation plane. The file types available to upload include PSD, JPEG, OBJ, GLB, and FBX. In addition to your own files, there are many assets available in the 3D library of content from letters, animals, shapes, plants, furniture, and more.

Some of the ways students can share their augmented reality creation are in a picture or video, and in a file type that’s compatible with the Adobe Aero app (USDz or reality). One of the most significant benefits of the ability is sharing more than a video of the creation, but the actual file type to let others view it in AR in their own space. Also, using the .real file format, others can download, modify, and send back as a .real file to collaborate on the AR project.

Customizable options are accessible on a Mac, assuming you have the Xcode app installed. View and customize many of the features on a Mac and export out in a variety of file formats. If you’d like to share your file for someone to view on a Mac, the best way that I found was loading it on Google Drive and sharing the document.

I’ve shared my creation below, and I’d love to see what your students can customize and create with it! Download it from my Google Drive.

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Congratulations to Miss Taylor for sharing how her students were using the Merge Cube to learn about different types of viruses.

This is the last week to submit what you're doing with the #31DaysofARVRinEDU content.


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