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Day 26: VictoryXR Cellular Biology AR Cards

I’ve collaborated with VictoryVR (now VictoryXR) for a little while now on the various VR science resources available through high-end headsets. Performing dissections and experiments while in the safety (and odor) of a VR headset is a need for the classroom. The problem many educators face when using these tools is the availability of devices, primarily virtual reality headsets. I was excited to see the transition from only virtual reality to now, including a variety of augmented reality experiences.

Last year during the ARVRinEDU chat, I ran across Victor the torso released by VictoryXR. This was my first connection to augmented reality with VictoryXR. Victor is a model that explores the human body cavity in augmented reality. I shared the perspective through the QR code without Victor, but I enjoyed learning and exploring the human organs.

Now that VictoryXR has continued to move into the immersive technology space for education with augmented, virtual and mixed reality resources, they’ve released some great augmented reality cards. One set of AR cards caught my attention because my husband has been asking me for resources on comparing human and plant cells for his 7th-grade science students.

Mel and Gerdy from Getting Nerdy created the Cellular AR Cards. With 54 augmented reality and content cards to explore cells and cellular compounds, students will hear, see, read, and explore with the 3D experiences using the M&G AR Cards: Cellular Biology app (iOS + Android). I didn’t have access to the card deck for this post, so I scanned the cards from my computer.

One of the best features in the app is the option to customize the content for the right level. The middle school and high school levels offer the student a chance to hear relevant information and provide a deeper connection for the learner that is ready to explore that content.

Are you interested in your own Cellular AR Cards? Find them on VictoryXR!

This blog is part of the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event. Expect a new augmented or virtual reality resource for the classroom to post every day in March. All subscribers will receive daily notifications.


What have you learned during the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event? I'm looking for a winner this week! Share one thing you plan to use on social media and include #31DaysofARVRinEDU.


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