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Day 3 - New ARVRinEDU Courses on the Verizon Innovative Learning Portal

I have exciting news to share, and it’s been a secret I’ve been holding back for a few months. My new augmented and virtual reality courses are now available on the Verizon Innovative Learning HQ portal FOR FREE! With the support of my friend, Courtney Teague, and her team at Digital Promise, my two courses have published and available to you today.


The ARVRinEDU courses begin with an explanation of augmented and virtual reality. I describe the difference between the technologies and why they have grown in popularity each year.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that seldom goes unnoticed. The most obvious reason augmented reality has become so popular is the "wow factor" that captivates some of the most unengaged learners. The technology layers digital content in the physical world, giving the illusion that it's magically appeared in the room.”

It’s evident that we’ve moved beyond just the “fidget spinner” fad and into serious consideration on how immersive technology will impact our learners in school, in their daily lives, and a future career. Not only can we empower our students with a better learning experience, but we can now equip them for their future technology.

Quotes are interwoven throughout the course from some ARVRinEDU authorities, including Linda Edwards, David Lockett, Rachelle dene Poth, Steve Bambury, Kim Murphree, and Michael Drezek. A strong professional learning network is essential, especially with the ever-changing landscape of immersive technology. I’d recommend connecting with other #ARVRinEDU educators to gain more ideas, support, and guidance to continue moving forward.


Since Merge is the spotlight of our ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar, I’m happy to share one of the resources in the AR course, Enhance Learning with Augmented Reality. Here is a sneak peek of one of the videos that show the butterfly lifecycle in the Merge Object Viewer mobile app.

The Object Viewer app includes many other 3D object collections, making the application of augmented reality possible for any subject or grade level. I hope that these courses will inspire many ideas for classroom implementation.

We have many more days of the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar, so follow each day and don’t forget to subscribe for email updates. Share how you use these tools using #ARVRinEDU on social media.


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