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Day 31: The Good Life EDU Podcast - Year 2

I was honored to join Andrew Easton from The Good Life EDU podcast this month. If you're unfamiliar with The Good Life EDU Podcast, Andrew focuses on education-related topics in Nebraska and throughout the United States. It is brought to you by the Coordinating Council of the Nebraska Educational Service Unit.

We discussed the #31DaysofARVRinEDU favorites and generative AI in current and upcoming immersive tools. A perfect example is from Day 17 on Virtual Speech and the new ChatGPT integration. You'll notice that I continue to circle back to Digital Citizenship throughout our discussion, thanks to the training and guidance under the Digital Citizenship Institute by Dr. Marialice Curran.

The "On AR/VR in EDU and Interacting with Generative AI in a Virtual Space" podcast episode is available on Apple's Podcast.

Steps to get started

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