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Day 7: LiDAR Sense

The LiDAR sensor is a fantastic example of using this sophisticated technology to improve lives. Using the LiDAR technology to scan the surroundings through the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the latest iPad Pro, the user can get haptic feedback (vibration on device) and sound to notify when approaching an object. Essentially, the user is able to get feedback on obstacles to avoid collision.

The LiDAR technology provides details for a blind person that objects are approaching. I challenged myself to use the app to walk around my room with my eyes closed using the app. It was challenging to trust an app but the app did quite well to properly direct me from obstacles. I didn't get very far and decided to ask my oldest daughter to try it out with her eyes closed. She was about as successful as I was.

"LiDAR is going to provide more details of the space for the user to walk into an immersive experience. The details are more than just images layered together, but sometimes millions of detected points of 3D objects in the space to accurately display and navigate around the site." page 45 The Immersive Classroom

Steps to Get Started:

1. Download the LiDAR Sense app from the App Store

2. Select the Start button

3. Close your eyes and move around your space

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