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Day 9: Gravity Sketch + MERGE

One of the first apps I downloaded when I bought my Oculus Quest last April was Google Tilt Brush. Most of the apps in the Oculus Go and Quest are consumption tools, but only a few allow you to create content.

The Tilt Brush app was great, but I ran into export problems when trying to access my OBJ files. The SculptrVR has great features, and I’ve shared in this Facebook Live about some of the ways to create on the platform. While the option to export your file is technically available, it’s not online (as stated), and I had a hard time trying to find it on my Macbook.

I found the best 3D creation option to use on the Oculus Quest with the greatest potential at this point is Gravity Sketch. I created a few block characters in Gravity Sketch, exported it online, and then downloaded it to my Macbook. Make sure to download the “Exported” file, not “My Sketch.”Find your exported objects when you log in at

I took this to the next level and uploaded my 3D file into the MERGE Object Viewer. Check out my 3D art shown in the Merge Cube. Here are the steps to get you started below.

  1. Log into account at

  2. Select “Object Viewer” on the left side

  3. Select “Upload” and then “Choose a File”

  4. Upload the zip file

  5. A code will be available to share or view “My Objects” in the app

Huge shoutout to Brandon Faucett for his recommendation on the Gravity Sketch app and support to get this project complete!

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