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Impressive ARKit Apps in Education

Exploring ARKit apps these past few months have been invigorating, and the new features in the AR apps are captivating our classrooms. Find a few new #ARKit apps below added to my original list.

I'm amazed by the interactions in this science app. Explore a rocket launch to the moon and walk through a portal leading to the moon. The most surprising feature in this app was the interactions such as driving the rover, completing the tasks and accomplish the mission. This app does a fantastic job of optimizing the ARKit functionality available on iOS devices. Get a preview of the app below.

Experience artifacts in your space using the new BBC Civilisations AR app. I enjoy the ease of use for accessibility in our classrooms, and I anticipate many more objects available in the future. Try to bring an artifact into your classroom and leave a comment about how your students respond.

Object Viewer (coming soon)

Combine the Merge Cube with a new customization app by Merge VR to create augmented reality. Add 3D objects using their uploader online, and type in the code associated with the object. View your object in the Merge Cube and also place your object in your space using the ARKit functionality. Check out my demo below using the new Object Viewer app soon to be released.


Don't miss the #ARVRinEDU chat tonight on Learning Transported: AR, VR, and MR for All Classrooms! The chat will give a sneak peek into some of the upcoming resources. Participants will have a chance to win the first signed copy of my new book due to release April 10th.


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