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STEAMverse Day 13 - Object Viewer Engines

Welcome to the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar 2022! Our special focus this year is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). These mini blogs will spotlight an immersive resource that can be easily implemented into the curriculum.

Merge Object Viewer Engines (ENGINEER)

Last December, I focused on multiple ways to use your Merge Cube in the classroom. The Merge Object Viewer app includes over 1000 hands-on digital teaching aids to support your classroom curriculum. One topic that aligns well with the engineering focus for the Advent Calendar is the engine collection.

Using augmented reality, get a closer look at how engines work. The animated AR scenes can be viewed in three modes (3D, world, or cube). Each view will deliver an engaging experience for the students to dig into the content. The engines collection includes a variety of machines, including:

  • Turbine Engine

  • Motorcycle Engine

  • Gear Box

  • Radial Pneumatic Engine

  • Pneumatic Engine Toy Car

  • Stream Engine

  • Nautilus Gears

  • Opposed Piston Engine

  • Radial Engine Mechanism

  • Symmetric Opposed Pistons Engine Mechanism

  • Sturgeon Double Piston Engine

  • Wankel Rotary Engine

  • Circular Piston Engine

  • Airbus A320 Turbine Engine

  • Diaphragm Air Engine Mechanism

  • Combustion Engine Piston

  • Swiss Lever Escapement

  • Stirling Engine

Steps to get started

  1. Download the Merge Object Viewer app here.

  2. Sign in to your Merge account. Some content cards are locked if you don’t have a subscription. Scroll to the Engines collection.

  3. Select your preferred view at the top and interact with the objects.

  4. Select the “i” next to Engines at the bottom and select “Share” to view your QR code or collection code. Provide this information to your students. Enjoy!


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