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The Tech-Savvy School: New Realities

Virtual and augmented reality programs can provide uniquely immersive personalized learning experiences.

Creating lessons that target students' individual interests to deepen their understanding of content can be difficult; however, the explosion in augmented reality and virtual reality technologies has brought about learning experiences that were previously impossible and that can help educators personalize learning in powerful ways. When teachers tap into the features of virtual or augmented reality applications, lessons can maintain the rigor required to accelerate learning, connect to kids' personal interests, and lead to "wow" moments. For instance, one student might virtually walk on the moon while another customizes a story shown in 3D through augmented reality.

Virtual reality technology lets students get immersed in a 360-degree-view experience of a scene that's completely digitally created, while no longer viewing the real world. With augmented reality, a student can view his or her real world with a digital layer of virtual objects added on, giving the illusion that an object is, for instance, right in the classroom. Each technology offers different benefits, and each provides learning opportunities not available otherwise.

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