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Top 2019 ARVRinEDU Resources

In 2019, we celebrated many new and updated augmented and virtual reality resources including our 3rd year of chats. There were participants that collaborated and some even moderated the ARVRinEDU Twitter chat on Wednesday evenings. To recap this incredible year of learning, I've highlighted over 40 Twitter posts below. I hope these resources can inspire new ideas for your classroom.



ISTE Edtech Coaches Network is excited to announce our next Book Study and Slow Chat – January 21st to February 21st 2020.

  • We will study Learning Transported: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for All Classrooms by Jaime Donally

  • The study will be conducted using the Twitter Hashtag #etcoaches in a Twitter slow chat format. Each week will focus on a different section of the book.

  • A new question connected to a quote from the book will be scheduled and posted each day by @EdTechCoachesNetwork (Monday - Thursday). Fridays will be a day for reflection and catching up on the week’s discussion.

  • There will be a team of 3 to 4 facilitators moderating each week of the chat. The moderators will engage participants in conversations connected to the question of the day throughout the week. (This includes posts, replies, likes, and retweets.)

  • The ISTE Standards for Coaches and Educators will also be connected to the book.

  • Questions and answers will be tagged using Q1/A1 format.

  • ISTE will provide a free eBook for all ISTE members who participate in the study.


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