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Upcoming ARVRinEDU Events

I can't believe we're already starting a new school year. It seems that the summer flew by quicker this year than other years before. I suppose it has more to do with a busy summer and the increasing interest in immersive technology. While the excitement grows, I've found more and more requests to share practical ways to implement ARVRinEDU.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share immersive technology training at conferences and districts as well as through free virtual events. As these events are drawing close, I hope you can take part in the ARVRinEDU training.

Sept 19 edWebinar online and FREE

Sept 20-22 SLJ Leadership Summit in Baltimore

Oct 1-2 EdCrunch in Moscow

Oct 14-15 ITEC in Iowa

Oct 27 Pre-Global Maker Day Workshop in Miami, Florida

Oct 29 Global Maker Day online and FREE

Nov 6-8 HECC in Indiana

Looking Ahead:

Jan 12-15 FETC in Florida

Feb 3-7 TCEA in Texas


I would love to share ARVRinEDU with your district and/or conference. If you're interested in a quote and session topics for professional development, let's connect by email.

Possible Options

  • 1 and 2 full-day training

  • Conference speaker

  • Workshops


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