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Apple ARKit 2 Announcements & Unlock AR & VR by @The74

If you missed the Apple announcements a few hours ago, you didn't hear the MANY mentions of Augmented Reality. We are in for a transformation in our entertainment, social interactions and our classrooms. While Apple didn't do a great job of showcasing educational benefits of AR, we know that ARVRinEDU can provide learning engagement that would otherwise be impossible. That is why AR/VR in Education is exploding!

The announcement of 3 new iPhones was the most significant with the advancement of augmented reality. While that may have been the focus, what was interwoven in the message was the way that we can use augmented reality with the new updates. Last year, we had an enormous growth of ARKit apps that allowed the user to scan their surroundings to walk around 3D objects. With the new ARKit2 released, we'll see the AR experiences and engagement beyond walking around 3D objects, but now interacting with others around the world at the same time. Below is an image of friends playing an AR Galaga game together at the same time.

Stay tuned for more details about what these new features will mean for our classrooms. As for now, here are the devices below that will run ARKit and ARKit 2 apps.

  • iPhone 6S & above

  • iPad Pro (all)

  • 2017 & 2018 iPad


New Book Helps Teachers Unlock Secrets of Virtual and Augmented Reality With Lessons, Apps, and Strategies for the Classroom.

I was excited to see The 74 highlight some of the resources in the Learning Transported book. The summary defines AR/VR while also describing the resources for classroom lessons. Read more.


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