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Day 10 - Human Anatomy Atlas 2023

Using the updated Human Anatomy Atlas app, bring a human cadaver into your classroom. Students can explore the human body using augmented reality to navigate through various organs and systems of the body, view detailed 3D models of different anatomical structures, and even see how they are interconnected.

I shared the Atlas AR app on social media in 2017, but the Visible Body team has made several improvements since. One of the most recent updates is the microanatomy views. The experience allows students to zoom deep inside the body and get a closer look. The video shows that students can also cut through the body by moving the device into the 3D model. It is also great to dissect body parts to uncover what's underneath. Not only is this app extremely powerful with knowledge, but the technology it uses will captivate your students.

Important to note that the Human Anatomy Atlas app is for ages 12+ for a good reason. This app is the full anatomy, and you'll want to consider the audience when using the app.

Steps to get started

  1. Download the Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 app (iOS | Android)

  2. Open any of the 3D assets.

  3. Select the AR button at the bottom left corner.

  4. Tap any part of the body and select hide to remove it.

  5. Welcome to the world of human anatomy!


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