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Day 12: Insight Heart

I heart the ARVRinEDU community so much that I’m going to share a tool that will give you a new perspective on your health. The Insight Heart app has been my go-to app when sharing heart health. While other AR apps show the heart, this particular app was unique because it connects to my Apple Watch.

On a personal note, heart health is important to me because my father passed away from a heart attack in his early 50’s. I try to be aware of my blood pressure and heart rate when visiting the doctor, and thankfully, I haven’t had any heart issues or concerns. When I ran across the Insight Heart app, I was intrigued by the 3D visualization of various heart conditions shown in augmented reality.

When opening the app, the student can walk around the body and view the heart beating. When you approach the AR character, your hand begins to vibrate with the rhythm of the heartbeat through the device.

Next, the student can tap the heart and see the details on a larger scale. Listen and view each of the hearts ranging from healthy to various heart conditions.

Explore your heart rate in real-time using your connected Apple Watch. Observe my heart rate rise as I see my watch, and in the 3D heart work together.

View your previous workouts in augmented reality and see the statistics from your exercise (in my case, an afternoon walk).

Finally, the app provides a multiuser feature to connect with those around you. The option to share your position is also available to walk around the same object and explore the heart together. The Insight Heart app is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices.

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