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Day 12 - Terraforming Earth

What if you could hold the Earth in your hand? Well, using augmented reality and the Merge Cube, you can! Explore the Earth’s layers in the FREE Terraforming Earth activity in the Merge Explorer app. The activity includes important content for the students to read (or have read to them) with the Immersive Reader connected to share the content in any language, size, or font type.

There are four different augmented reality activities. The first experience is on each layer of the Earth. View each layer independently or view them together and separated.

The second activity explores the tectonic plates. How do these plates align with the continents? View the location prone to volcanos and earthquakes.

The third activity shows the way the plates move. The plates slide over and under one another either converge, diverge or transform and the AR experience shows the plates slide over and under one another on the Earth’s mantle.

The final activity shows an erupting volcano. View the inside of the volcano and observe how the magma travels onto the Earth’s crust.

Each activity can be viewed in:

3D Mode - without augmented reality

World View - viewed on the floor of your room

Cube - places the AR object in the Merge Cube


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