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Day 14 - CellulAR

A few years back when all the independent Merge Cube apps were being released, I came across the CellulAR app. My interest was piqued because my husband teaches middle school science and this is a concept that many students struggle to remember. More importantly, students had to understand 3D content using 2D images.

The CellulAR app is one of the few that have remained available of Object Viewer or the Explorer app. The app is currently only found on the App Store and works with a Merge Cube. The AR scene begins on an island with many different organisms.

CellulAR is a Cell Life learning app for the Merge Cube and was released in 2019. Using AR technology, players use their hands to rotate the Merge Cube and click to zoom in and out exploring five kinds of cells from every kingdom. Zoom further and learn about the organelles and their functions!” Half Full Nelson

Explore the labels and descriptions of animal, plant, fungi, and bacteria cells, and move into testing your knowledge by trying the challenge mode. There are three languages to view the experience: English, Deutsch, and Espanol. Select the book icon in each label to display the content for elementary, middle, or high school levels.

Continue following the #ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar for ideas to use your Merge Cube.


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