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Day 14 - EON XR

EON-XR has been impacting the education industry using immersive technology for a while now. EON Reality uses augmented and virtual reality to improve learning, training, and performance. In the past, EON Reality has heavily focused on AR experiences using a mobile app. The company heavily focused on engineering machinery and anatomy concepts, but it has certainly expanded in recent years.

One of the most recent updates includes a virtual reality experience. Interact with 3D models and environments for a memorable learning experience. EON XR can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones, personal computers, and the Oculus Quest headset. In the Quest headset, enlarge, annotate, capture, interact, or use any learning mode to experience the content.

Steps to get started

  1. Download the EON XR app in the Quest Experience store (App Lab).

  2. Open one of the experiences.

  3. Use the controller on the left remote to interact with the objects.


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