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Day 4 - UV Light Sanitizers

Immersive technology has the potential to offer a variety of amazing advantages and opportunities; however, safety is often overlooked. Since sanitization is an essential part of using any technology, proper planning is necessary and must have a budget. Unfortunately, many sanitizing options are expensive, ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

UV light sanitizers have become popular as an effective way to clean VR headsets. With the rise of VR in education, UVC lights offer an excellent solution to kill bacteria and other germs. UVC lights don’t require additional chemicals that could be potentially dangerous or costly to maintain.

After researching UV sanitizers for VR headsets, I was discouraged by the high cost until I discovered an alternative. I found portable baby bottle/CPAP machine sanitizers that provided enough space to fit VR headsets and were under $100.

Below are a few of my considerations when searching for the right UV sanitizer.

  1. Space - the length, width, and height were important to fit the VR headset.

  2. Cost - some portable baby bottle UV sanitizers were overpriced, so I had to shop around.

  3. Time - the maximum length of time I was willing to wait to sanitize devices was 5 minutes; however, the ideal time would be 1-2 minutes.

  4. Portable - I didn’t want a hard plastic UV sanitizer because I like to bring a portable sanitizer bag when traveling. This may not be as important for classroom use only.

UV Sanitizer Box w/ Timer ($65.99) Amazon

Munchkin UV Sterilizer ($90.86) Walmart


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