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Day 14: Explore Interactive

If you haven’t seen the magic of Explore Interactive, you’re going to love this post! The app uses interactive cards to bring a gamified, augmented reality experience on the topic of energy. This app is the first release of content, and more topics are to come in the future.

The app has two special characters (robots) that support you in using the app to solve problems as they come. Our two robot guides, Atom and Anne, help lead the students to move forward in the app and learn all the various ways of using the app with the interactive cards.

The areas that students will explore energy are closed, open, and short circuits, energy sources, energy transfer and conversion, and basic switches. The students will align the cards to the AR grid and lock them in the space to easily move around the table.

The first obstacle arrives when Atom is unable to read the letter because of the electricity outage. The students need to help Atom create energy using a light bulb and batteries. When complete, the next obstacle arrives, and you continue to grow your understanding of using the app and building electricity.

The Explore Energy in Circuits app is available in the App Store, and the PDF of printable cards is sent to you when signing up on the website. The challenges range from simple to more complex and even offers an exploratory area to see what the students can build without guidance.

Expect more coming from Explore Interactive in the future as they move beyond energy and into other STEM content.


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