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Day 18: Coding Club

Recently, I received access to a beginner’s AR coding app called Twinkl Little Red Coding Club. At first glance, it seemed pretty simple. Now that I’ve had a chance to test and explore a bit, I learned how much this app has to offer.

The app is themed around a story we all know well, Little Red Riding Hood. The user can build and create code on their own, or they can select the multiuser option to play with a friend as the host or to join another group. A total of four students can participate at a time, two coders, and two viewers.

The student can work in the app using augmented reality or a 3D environment. When the user selects the AR option, they need to follow the book as it soars around the room. This activity is a fun way to scan the floors and place the book in the best location. In the augmented reality scene, students can walk closer and walk around the book to get the best view.

The 3D scene allows the user to rotate and move around the space using a virtual controller. Some of the features available in AR are not available in the 3D mode.

The “Play” mode in the app begins with simple commands for movements, and as the levels progress, the challenges get more difficult as you collect and avoid the Big Bad Wolf. As you progress through the levels, you begin collecting items along the way. View the 3D objects in the “Collectables” mode. The last mode is the “Create” option to allows students to build the game using obstacles from the Little Red Riding Hood story.

The coding game uses ARKit for now, although I anticipate an Android version (ARCore) will come upon the success of the iOS release. I hope this beginner code game will inspire your young learners to continue to learn and create in the future.

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Photo by Tisha Richmond


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