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Day 20: Storyfab

The Storyfab app (iOS) has been around for a little while, but when Apple pushed all developers to update apps to stay in the App Store, it went away for a little while. Thankfully, the app is back and offers the great augmented reality storytelling feature our classrooms are sure to use.

In the Storyfab app, a student can add characters and props to a scene on top of an image of choice. The first step is finding a specific image that offers contrast in colors to be the trigger image. This image helps the app know where to place the items and keep them in that location as students are walking around the scene.

Using augmented reality, the students become the camera man or woman, and capture the scene from every angle. Characters can be customized and modified to fit your story and up to 4 characters are available on the screen at a time.

In addition to creating the scene with augmented reality characters and props, the student can record each scene and include narration for each character. When the recordings are complete, the student can export out the video, which automatically loads into the camera roll.

In this video, my trigger image is the new ISTE book by Rachelle dene Poth titled Chart a New Course.

In the video below, I'll show how I made the character move in Storyfab. I used the animation feature and selected the expressions, the location to move and how to move. Prior to the recording, I customized my character and deleted other characters and props from the scene.

I hope the Storyfab app inspires students to create content using the incredible augmented reality technology.

This blog is part of the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event. Expect a new augmented or virtual reality resource for the classroom to post every day in March. All subscribers will receive daily notifications.



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