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Day 23: 3D AR Maps Mapbox

I ran across this resource a few years ago and shared it with the ARVRinEDU community in our weekly chat. The 3D AR Maps caught my attention because it’s incredibly easy to use, quick to search, and fun to explore. After playing with this app for a little while, you’ll feel like a globetrotter.

When opening the app, it uses your current GPS location to display your position in augmented reality from a birds-eye view. Place the map on your table, the floor, or anywhere you’d like to place it. A light beam coming from the map and going up to the sky will mark your location on the map.

Now the 3D hunt begins. Search for any place you’d like to visit. Type an old address, look up a historical location, go to a city you’ve always wanted to visit. I was able to search for famous landmarks, so go wild and explore anywhere around the world.

The 3D AR map will showcase the location while the student can walk around the map while getting a look at the buildings by bringing the device closer. The map will also display the terrain, 3D buildings, and points of interest.

The app is available on iOS and requires the technology to place the augmented reality in your space (ARKit).

Ideas for the classroom:

  • Scavenger hunts and students must screenshot specific places

  • Compare and contrast various locations

  • Explore places from a novel

  • Plot the locations explored using a grid and/or longitude and latitude

  • Sketch your own city using the streets and landmarks

  • Take a screenshot of the map and label buildings from greatest to least based on height

  • Research the population and size of cities and provide an estimate on the number of people in that region

  • Take a photo of designated nature reserves and list the wildlife protected to avoid extinction.


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