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Day 24 - AR Chemistry Lab

Flash, bang, pop! Welcome to the AR Chemistry Lab. The immersive lab allows the students to experiment with chemicals and perform reactions in a virtual environment. The best part is that you can perform all these experiments without worrying about cleaning up or inhaling dangerous gases. With over 170 different chemicals and more than 800 unique lab experiments to choose from, students will be captivated by these simulations.

Using augmented reality, students can:

  • mix chemicals to see how they react in an experiment or chemical reaction

  • customize and experiment with the quantity and rate at which the chemicals react

  • burn salts to display colorful flames

  • adjust the concentration and quantity of the reactants in a chemical reaction

  • regulate the temperature of chemical reactions

  • modify temperatures in precipitation chemistry reactions to see the effect of temperatures on solubility

Steps to get started

  1. Download the AR Chemistry Lab. (iOS only)

  2. Scan a flat horizontal surface with your device camera to identify a spot to place the beaker.

  3. Start mixing or burning chemicals.

  4. Be amazed, and try not to get spooked by explosions!


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