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STEAMverse Day 11 - HMH Science Dimensions

Welcome to the ARVRinEDU Advent Calendar 2022! Our special focus this year is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). These mini blogs will spotlight an immersive resource that can be easily implemented into the curriculum.

HMH Science Dimensions (SCIENCE, AR)

Have you ever wondered what school would have been like if you had access to immersive learning in your textbooks? You don’t need to wonder any longer. The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt team has interwoven immersive interactions for the science curriculum using the Student Edition book covers. The app includes a link to the PDF document with the trigger images to experience and engage in the activities.

Using the NGSS science standards, the HMH Science Dimensions app feeds a consistent and attractive experience for K12. Experiments and investigations include:



Solar Energy

Food Chains

Biological Systems


The Solar System

Sound Waves

How Crystals Form

Steps to get started

  1. Download the HMH Science Dimensions app (iOS, Android).

  2. View the trigger images in the slideshow above or download them here.

  3. Follow the audio directions and interact with each activity.


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