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Day 23 - Instruments of Light

How does light travel and how does it separate it into different colored wavelengths? How do wavelengths of light travel? These are some of the answers students will find when exploring the Instruments of Light activity in the Merge Explorer app. The timing of this activity was perfect for a drive-thru Christmas light extravaganza.

The first part of the activity shows how quickly light travels through specific materials (AKA index of refraction). In the activity, the students will change the index of refraction to bend light as it passes through the cube. The second activity explores wavelengths by changing the wavelength of light to change the color. In the final activity, students will send sound waves and light waves through space.

Looking for an extension idea? Merge has you covered!

  1. Create a drawing that shows all of the visible colors that light can separate into.

  2. Write down the wavelength measurement of each of the colors.

  3. Write one or two sentences describing the connection between the wavelength measurement and their corresponding colors.


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