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Day 20 - Create an AR Astronaut Name Tag

Most immersive experiences center around receiving information rather than delivering content. CoSpaces is the exception as they are one of the top educational AR/VR platforms to build creative content. Initially, CoSpaces was strictly a virtual reality platform but later also expanded into augmented reality.

Building in the immersive platform is simple enough for our youngest students to create but versatile for complex projects. The prebuilt templates allow the students to immediately begin using CoSpaces without much experience. Below is an example of the Astronaut Name Tag project.

The Astronaut Name Tag project among others is available free in the Verizon Innovative Learning HQ. The students will learn about augmented reality and use a Merge Cube to create a 3D astronaut name tag in CoSpaces. The lesson objectives are as follows:

  • Define augmented reality, target, and projection

  • Explore pre-created Merge Cube projects

  • Create an AR name tag using the Merge Cube and CoSpaces

Using CoSpaces, students can create numerous projects to showcase their knowledge and interests. The immersive projects can be done collaboratively which is unique to this platform. Educators can assign the projects for each student or assign small groups to create together. Access to a large library of animated 3D content makes this platform ideal for presentations as most items will reflect classroom assignments well.

Challenge: Create a name tag for a character from a book and share your creation on social media using #ARVRinEDU.


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