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Day 19 - Video on Merge Cube

Is it possible to add a video on a Merge Cube? Not only can you add a video, but you can add multiple videos! Using CoSpaces, students can add videos around or inside the Merge Cube. I've created an example below of some fun videos from the past.

To begin adding a video on your Merge Cube, first, upload an MP4 video. Another option is uploading a GIF.

Modify the video settings autoplay or tap to start and set to loop or play once. The audio can be muted or adjusted to match your experience.

Make additional 3D content around your videos by utilizing the library. An important factor of adding items in the center of the Merge Cube is making the cube transparent. Right-click the Merge Cube and select "View Inside." If you'd like to see my experience above on your Merge Cube, click this link here. View it on your mobile device for the best experience.


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