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Day 6 - App Smashing with Merge

When the Object Viewer app was first released, many people in the ARVRinEDU community were thrilled to have the option to upload 3D objects. In times when 3D assets are a hot commodity, it’s important for our students to be content creators.

I’ve had the opportunity to provide Merge training in schools and conferences around the country. The feedback I usually receive about the Merge Cubes is the lack of knowledge or confidence to bring them into the curriculum. Without the practice of using the tools first hand, it’s unlikely those who attend the training will put it into use, so I do a “lesson” on app smashing with Tinkercad and Merge Object Viewer.

The attendees begin by joining my Tinkercad class and creating a nametag using only shapes from the workplane. After creating the 3D scene, then it’s time to export the assets to the Merge EDU platform. If you don’t have the Merge subscription, sign up here.

The next step is opening the Merge EDU platform to view the 3D object in Object Viewer. App smashing Tinkercad creation with Merge Object Viewer, the students have more freedom to create custom content and immediate view it in augmented reality within the cube.

Below is an example with Erin Nye sharing her creation during a recent training. She built her nametag in Tinkercad, uploaded it to the Merge EDU platform, and viewed it in her Merge Cube.

We finished the session with a collection of names from attendees in the session. The likelihood of attendees using the product following the session was much higher because they now have first-hand experiences testing the resources.


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