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Day 21 - AR/VR Micro-credentials

With the release of my two new immersive courses, Effectively Leveraging Virtual Reality in the Classroom and Enhance Learning with Augmented Reality, the Verizon Innovative Learning HQ delivers an extension of the learning with a pathway to micro-credentials.

The augmented reality micro-credential uses inquiry-based strategies to discover new and previous content through learner-centered activities. The educator will build AR through the option of using CoSpaces, Merge Cubes, or WebXR. Building augmented reality on a computer or Chromebook is possible in CoSpaces or WebXR, but the Merge Cube option requires a mobile device.

In the virtual reality micro-credential, build student-centered environments through personalized learning experiences. Design and share a virtual reality experience using CoSpaces or Mozilla Hubs. These virtual spaces have distinct advantages and limitations and should be selected based on classroom needs.

Begin the micro-credential process at the Verizon Innovative Learning HQ with a free account. Find the two courses below for extensive training and follow the micro-credential link to get your certification.

Challenge: Share your immersive experiences on social media using #ARVRinEDU


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