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Day 24 - Merge VR

My first encounter with Merge several years ago was through social media on their Merge headset. The headset is essentially a viewer that holds a mobile device to experience virtual reality apps. At the time, there were many viewers that were being released and the Merge headset stood out because of all the features.

Since my first contact with Merge, they’ve obviously expanded their augmented reality product in the Merge Cube. The Merge Cube AR experiences have always been popular and students could immediately see the value of holding holograms in their hands, however, holding a cube AND interacting with the apps are sometimes problematic. If only we had another hand! The good news, the Merge Headset is perfect for immersing students in learning without juggling a cube at the same time.

The Merge Explorer app has a button to switch from full-screen AR mode in the Merge Cube to a split-screen to place the mobile device in the headset. While in an AR experience, select the VR viewer button at the bottom, right side of the screen. Rotate your device and place it into the headset, and ENJOY!

I’ve enjoyed making your holiday season MERGY & BRIGHT and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these resources in your classroom.


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