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Day 24: Twinkl LeARn and Explore

I came across the Twinkl LeARn and Explore app recently as a tool to engage with classroom content using augmented reality. The app begins by establishing the age range to deliver appropriate content for the student. Once defined, the course material loads, and students can access several categories of content, including writing prompts, space, landmarks, habitats, dinosaurs, and more.

The students will bring the experience into the room and have immersive activities to dig further into the content in the app. To gain full access, the student must have a subscription to Twinkl. I've shared the experience that is available to test in the video below.

"Our classroom activities can include AR/VR challenges that stretch our students’ knowledge, help them retain and understand information, and even identify personal learning needs; this might not be possible otherwise." page 14 of The Immersive Classroom

Continue to follow the 31DaysofARVRinEDU this month as we explore immersive resources.

UPDATE: The winners of The Immersive Classroom book giveaway will be announced LIVE on March 31st. The information to join will come at the end of the month. Thanks to ISTE, we are giving away 10 signed copies of The Immersive Classroom. I need more winners! Post how these tools can be used in the classroom on social media using 31DaysofARVRinEDU and WIN!


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