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Day 27: EyeJack App

About a year ago, the EyeJack app pushed out an upgrade to create your own augmented reality through the EyeJack application installed on your computer. The timing was perfect since Aurasma / HP Reveal recently discontinued their app.

The app was initially built with the intention of allowing specific artwork to come to life through the EyeJack app. Due to the incredible response from educators, the company is working to make the best product for your students. In the meantime, we have the opportunity now to create content using their free computer application and mobile app. Although I wrote a blog explaining how to create your own content in EyeJack, I’ve continued to get requests on using EyeJack, so I’ve decided to explain it better with a video.

After the EyeJack Creator software is installed on your computer, follow the directions I’ve shown below. When you’ve reached the Preview screen with a QR code, confirm that the augmented reality experience is perfect. Save the QR code and image to share your AR experience with others. Others can view your experience as long as they have your QR code, your image to scan (trigger image), and the free EyeJack app.

I have a few helpful tips for creating the best augmented reality experiences. First, adding a video on top of an image must be shorter than 30 seconds. A great way to use an existing video you already have is to use the first frame from the video as your trigger image (step 1). Also, keep the same proportion for your image and video; otherwise, it will warp the video to fit on top of the image. The last tip is to try to match the beginning of the video to look like your image. This gives the illusion that the image is coming to life. Now test out my postcard on your own!

Check out this example I created on top of Jennifer Williams new book, Teach Boldly using the EyeJack app. Your students can use augmented reality to do a book report!

I took the app to the next level by doing some app smashing! Special thanks to Jen Giffen for creating this Sketchnote from my Ditch That Textbook session. I took her image and added some animation on top using the EyeJack app and PicCollage. Get more information on creating your own here.

Enjoy creating your own augmented reality, and don’t forget to follow EyeJack and keep an EYE out for what they have coming next.

This blog is part of the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event. Expect a new augmented or virtual reality resource for the classroom to post every day in March. All subscribers will receive daily notifications.


Share what you create using EyeJack or any of the apps from the #31DaysofARVRinEDU event. I'm still looking for a winner this week!


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