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App Smashing with EyeJack

I have the wonderful honor of being included in the Ditch Summit by Matt Miller. I briefly shared the what, how, why and what on educational immersive technology in the short video.

After the video was released, I received many amazing Twitter posts about the content. One of those posts came from sketchnoter, Jen Giffen.

Sketchnote by Jen Giffin on the Ditch Summit session on AR and VR

The sketchnote captured the important parts of the discussion including the purpose and plan to get started with augmented and virtual reality. After reviewing the visuals, I had the idea to transform the image with augmented reality.

I began by downloading the image on my phone and uploading it into PicCollage (a tool I learned about many years ago by my friend, Morgan Lucas). The app has many creative options such as cropping, drawing, stickers, filters and more. One of the features that I mainly use is the web search of GIF's. I was able to add multiple GIF's on top of the sketchnote and download it as a video file.

After I had the video file, I app smashed my creation with the EyeJack app on my computer. I easily uploaded the trigger image (Jen's original sketchnote) and layered the video on top of the sketchnote. The EyeJack app then provides the QR code to scan and then see the augmented reality come to life. View my video below to see the AR or download the app, scan the code below and view the experience yourself.

Here are the steps you can follow to create your own augmented reality using EyeJack for free.

1. Download the EyeJack app on your computer.

2. Upload a trigger image (JPG or PNG file).

3. Upload a video, GIF or PNG to layer on top of the trigger image in the augmented reality experience.

4. Keep the QR provided to view in the app.

5. Download the EyeJack app on your mobile device (iOS & Android).

6. Open the app and select the eye at the bottom of the screen. Scan the QR code (found in step 4) and then view the trigger image.

I'm thankful to Urbie for sharing the EyeJack app with me on Twitter this year. I have many more resources coming soon to recap the amazing tools from 2019! Find more amazing EyeJack uses by art educator, Tricia Fuglestad.


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