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Day 29 - Xplore

Xplore by TimeLooper is an immersive educational platform with content presented in augmented reality. With Xplore, students can examine topics such as:

  • US History

  • Civil Rights Movement

  • World History

  • State Parks

  • WW11

  • Animals

  • Pre-Colonial/Colonial Era

  • Government

  • Nature

Bring your students to historical sites, visualize the impacts of war, and more, all through AR experiences. A new feature that I personally explored was the creation of AR experiences. Use to create your own AR experiences, publish assignments for students, and review their submitted projects. I tested Xplore Projects using the 3D content provided and added interactions with YouTube videos and multiple choices questions.

Steps to get started

  1. Download the Xplore by Timelooper app. (iOS | Android)

  2. Create an account at

  3. Select a topic and explore the content.

  4. View the content in AR.

  5. Create an Xplore Project at

  6. Enjoy!


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