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Day 4: Eduverse

The #31DaysofARVRinEDU will look a little different this year. SURPRISE! I decided to do daily vlogs to highlight some new and updated apps for the month of March. Come back every day to explore a new immersive technology tool for your classroom.


Get Started with Eduverse:

  1. Sign up for the Eduverse here.

  2. Modify your avatar to your preference.

  3. Move around the space using your arrow keys on your computer (Chromebook, Macbook, etc.).

  4. Use the "x" key to engage with designated objects in the Eduverse.

  5. Collaborate through chat, connect with other participants, and explore the metaverse-type space together.


Continue to follow the #31DaysofARVRinEDU this month as we explore immersive resources.


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