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Day 9 - Merge + Immersive Reader

Access to information can be tricky, especially when needs vary. One of my favorite releases by Microsoft is the integration of the Immersive Reader. The goal is to make reading more interactive with better comprehension. The Immersive Reader customizes text into multiple formats, delivering a personalized arrangement specific for each individual. The text can be modified by size, font type, font color, highlighted color, and spacing based on the students’ individual needs.

The Immersive Reader will read the text at varying speeds in more than eighty languages, making the content more accessible than ever. To top things off, the Immersive Reader will convert text into pictures or highlight the different parts of speech. These features far surpass anything we’ve seen before, and when the Immersive Reader collides with immersive technology, we’ll see an explosion of learning.

"You may be surprised that the Immersive Reader product was initially built for students who have dyslexia. Using the Immersive Reader tool can help level the playing field for struggling readers, making our lessons more equitable for all learners. Additionally, providing a tool that allows our students to be more independent while exploring content is key for them to feel confident in their skills. This tool has supported many students beyond those with dyslexia because all students can benefit from the ability to personalize their reading experience." The Immersive Classroom

The Immersive Reader was integrated into the Merge Explorer app in late 2019 when it was just getting started, but other immersive technology companies quickly followed such as Nearpod and Flipgrid. Not all AR/VR tools have content built into the product, but when they do, it’s vital that the text is customizable to empower all of our learners.


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